An overview of InVMA Asset Minder

Asset Minder technology is universal, uses cloud computing, is secure and overcomes many problems and issues associated with remote equipment access.

InVMA Asset Minder – six highly automated steps to acquiring critical data and presenting useful information.

Remote Data Gathering

Equipment will typically have a local controller, usually a PLC. InVMA Asset Minder uses a standalone unit that can be external to the enclosure or mounted within, this provides communication to the equipment controller, protocol conversion and a communication path to the central, cloud based system through wireless 3G.

Protocol Conversion

All PLC and other equipment control types can be connected to InVMA Asset Minder using our protocol conversion technology.

Geo Positioning

Optionally InVMA Asset Minder can track and display the geo-location of a piece of attached equipment, which is applicable for tracking mobile or frequently re-located equipment assets.

Secure Cloud

The central part of InVMA Asset Minder is a comprehensive data logging, trending, alarming and information display portal. This is co-located in several centres and has full data and system access security.

Web Enabled

Customer access to the InVMA Asset Minder system is provided through a zero-touch internet browser (zero touch meaning that no special downloading is needed). The interface has a comprehensive and easy to use set of tools that delivers a great deal of insight into the events and behaviour of remotely connected equipment. It is this insight that is at the heart of InVMA Asset Minder’s reason for being. You can see exactly what has happened / is happening to your equipment from wherever you or it is located. There is nothing to load locally to your PC or device, in simple terms it’s like being in front of the machine.

Data Extraction and System Integration

InVMA Asset Minder is data rich, this data can be integrated to other systems such as back office functionality and service management packages. InVMA specialises in such integration to produce a streamlined service environment to save money, make service operations efficient, improve user and customer satisfaction and keep the visibility of critical equipment assets in the foreground.