WHY / Prolonging Equipment Life

Well maintained equipment lasts longer, over maintained equipment is costly, under maintained equipment lets you down just when you don't need it to.

I can now schedule service based upon actual usage

Prolonging Equipment Life

To continually watch and monitor equipment is prohibitively expensive and impracticable, but if it was to be possible then the machine would always be running under optimal conditions, with adequate reserves of consumables and frequent periods of preventative maintenance.

A more practical solution is to connect the machine to InVMA Asset Minder; this totally automates equipment monitoring 24/7/365 – without tiring or missing a beat. Letting such automated monitoring do the background work lets you concentrate on the important things, with the assurance that you will be promptly informed if something is trending towards a problem.

Real time machine monitoring means that maintenance can be optimised around the actual duty that the equipment is asked to provide. Informed decisions can be made for maintenance based upon this reality, rather than depending upon averaged maintenance schedules. This will extend equipment life – regardless of duty or harsh environment.