InVMA Asset Minder does...

Running my operation is far more efficient and effective with InVMA Asset Minder

The InVMA Asset Minder concept – using field proven technology and industrial systems know-how to provide you with vital insight of your remote equipment assets.

InVMA Asset Minder…

InVMA Asset Minder collects data from remote and often unmanned equipment. This is transferred automatically to a secure cloud based system which stores and processes the information to provide you with equipment process value trends, status, alarms and other services. You automatically receive this information no matter where you are or what device you wish to use.

If a value or status exceeds a pre-set value or sets to a particular condition you will be alerted immediately. You can interrogate a piece of equipment at any time to check that all is well.

There is no IT system to buy or support, InVMA takes care of everything. Field equipment is provided as a standard enclosure that can be internally or externally mounted, connections are made to power and the equipment controller. Communication is through a wireless 3G router with an industrial strength signal.

Cloud based hosting…

Hosting a secure and reliable remote management solution involves many challenges, such as reliability, security, scalability, system maintenance, easy and rapid deployment, etc. The InVMA Asset Minder platform has been built with many years of experience and delivers a solution that lives up to the expectations.

The InVMA Asset Minder servers are hosted in a professional environment, specifically designed for this purpose. This involves redundant system design with geographically separated set-ups as well as trained personnel that ensures stable operation.

We have incorporated security measures to ensure our customers data is safely guarded and built the system on a modular design that makes it possible to expand based on the demand of our customers.