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  • Latest newsletter released

    This communication is about how to avoid unplanned downtime without traditional expensive industrial software. InVMA Asset Minder is a field proven M2M SaaS solution that makes data acquisition, trending, alarming and visualisation available for critical equipment no matter where it or you are located. If you own, operate or service remote equipment assets then InVMA Asset Minder can monitor them continuously thereby improving availability and effectiveness…

  • Beyond the site network?

    Although M2M is primarily designed to bring remote unmanned assets under better monitoring and control there is an application of M2M where an asset is on site but beyond the reach of the plant network such as the top of a chimney, water abstraction and effluent stations. Using M2M provides a readymade solution: the communication to the associated cloud data repository and information processing is via 2/3G data telephony, eliminating the need for an expensive installation of a further plant network extension.

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