A multitude of applications that InVMA Asset Minder provides an effective solution.

Running my operation is far more efficient and effective with InVMA Asset Minder

Applications for InVMA Asset Minder can be found throughout industrial and infrastructure sectors. You may wish to think of it as being a convenient way to monitor a remote PLC, regardless of location; whether overseas, inaccessible, unmanned or wherever an asset is hard to connect to a plant network.

Industrial machinery

InVMA Asset Minder customers are reducing emergency repairs, minimizing down time and are able to keep control of logistics.

  • Store and analyse process data
  • Monitor equipment health
  • Notify service engineers in the event of a problem
  • Streamline logistics and inventory processes

Building automation

Building managers are using InVMA Asset Minder to optimize the energy consumption of their facilities.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Monitor ventilation, heating, cooling and security systems
  • Improve facility efficiency

Power generators

A backup power generator may not run often, but when needed
it is critical that it performs properly.

  • Monitor health and readiness
  • Instant access to fuel level, oil-pressure, battery voltage, etc.
  • Remote start/stop to verify operation
  • Minimized on-site service

Tank management

The InVMA Asset Minder helps to keep logistics and content levels under control.

  • Monitor tank level and temperature
  • Schedule stock-up refills
  • Optimize logistics

Pump and pumping stations

Keep installations under control and direct service engineers
to where they are needed.

  • Notify service engineers on operation interrupts
  • Minimize on-site service
  • Instant access to equipment status
  • Improve equipment efficiency

Renewable energy

InVMA Asset Minder helps to keep the energy return on investment (EROI) under control and reduces unexpected downtime.

  • Instant access to performance data
  • Minimize downtime
  • Minimize on-site service

Remote PLC

Any controller that needs remote access, one that is isolated by distance from the facility network, and outstation, a remote location. InVMA Asset Minder will connect you to it, and it to you.